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1. Powerful production line

Sinorock® owns hundreds of professional processing equipment. Accessories processing adopts CNC equipment and appropriative production machine, which has good quality and high efficiency.

Sinorok has more than ten independent production line. Annual capacity is tens of thousands tons.


2. Environmental and efficient

The production lines are environmental and energy-saving. They also have a set of circulating and filtering systems, which can be recycled and achieve zero release.

Sinorock® adopts special processing and combination technology. The processing method without removing the material owns low pollution and high efficiency. The technology can no doubt improve the utilization rate of the material.


3. Comprehensive testing equipment

Sinorock® owns a variety of testing equipment such as tension tester, spectrograph, sclerometer, material analyzer, thickness gauge and infrared thermometer and so on. All these testing equipment ensures that the products will be inspected comprehensively guarantee the quality.