Details decide the quality

Sinorock® quality control system focuses on every detail.


Incoming inspection
The raw material, workblank and other auxiliary material will be inspected.
  • 1) Choose a leading raw material companies

    Sinorock® cooperates with leading enterprise of raw material. The quality of the raw material is assured to be absolutely credible.

  • 2) Choose a leading raw material companies

    The processing of the anchor bar raw material will be tracked trough the whole course. The supplier’s production will also be supervised and the product will be detected currently in batches.

  • 3) Require suppliers to provide quality documentation

    Sinorock® asks the suppliers to provide quality documents of a full range of raw materials. When arriving in our factory, the raw materials will be tested according to the incoming inspection process. Only passing the inspection can they be allowed to enter the storage.

  • 4) Management of Vendor Rating

    Sinorock® evaluates the supplier according to their delivery speed and quality of the raw material. The evaluation result will be the basis of supplier rating management.

Input process quality control
  • 1) Strict inspection of each procedure

    Patrol inspectors examine every working procedure strictly according to the production technology. They record data, identify marks, and archive the records regularly.

  • 2) Check all production equipment

    All the production equipment are inspected regularly. It ensures that the performance of product is qualified and the equipment are under good condition.

  • 3) Country-specific seizure, and regular inspection gageand calibration.

    3) In order to ensure that the product sizes are conformed to technical requirements, Sinorock® specifies inspection device to measure the products during the whole process, such as check gauge and standard sample and so on. These devices are inspected and calibrated regularly.

Finished product inspection
  • 1) Factory finished prior to testing

    The finished products will be tested according to the process of delivery inspection. Only passing the inspection can they be allowed to delivered out of storage.

  • 2) Third-party testing of the product

    The products are inspected by the third-party. Identification from international authoritative institutions ensures the qualified rate of the outgoing product.